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When United for Healing, Incorporated was first started, the intention was to bring an end to the violence that plagued many of our communities. As we sat down to focus on our collective purpose, we realized that there were many underlying problems that we needed to address in order to fulfill our ultimate goal.



                                                                        Illiteracy/Inequity in Education

                                                                                                                                              Domestic Abuse


……… name a few.

We decided that choosing to affect change in our community as a whole, we had to start first with us, and then one person at a time. It is with that in mind that we continue to strive to address the problems in our communities, because only then can we effectively achieve our goal.

As we strive to help those in need create the best life possible, providing them with access, support, and services they need, United for Healing Incorporated has stepped into its purpose.


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to uplift, empower, and educate all people, providing them with access, opportunity, life changing and life saving services.


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