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STEPPING STONES, is our mentoring, college, vocational and career readiness program geared toward wellness of mind, body and spirit. We provide mentoring, college and vocational, career, and life readiness workshops to children and adults in an effort to help them deal with day to day choices that they make for their lives. Our goal is to empower everyone sitting in our workshops, so that they can become their best selves, realizing their true potential and purpose.


STEPPING STONES. Workshops deal with real life situations that people face, especially our teenagers, as they begin to make the decisions of what colleges to attend, and what careers to choose in the future. We bring industry and higher education experts who are able to answer the questions that many teenagers and their parents have, as they make the best decisions for themselves.

Through STEPPING STONES workshops, we also discuss relationships that we will experience throughout our lives, whether personally or professionally. The discussion includes topics such as: the types of relationships that we will have throughout our lives: how to cultivate and keep them; making the right choices in many situations, and knowing what is best for you the individual, as you go out into the world and interact with others.

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